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Hello! I'm a new member and i would like to build a ltc miner...

I have an idea, please help me in it... 

motherboard : GA-Z87X
CPU : i7 -4770K
GPU  2 x HD7990
Power: 1000W

this is a good choice for ltc mining? If i'm right this can 2700KH/s ...

I need help to set up the miner software too.

Somebody who can help me please send me a reply or a pm! 

Thank you for your time!


  • Two 7990s may be hard on a 1kW PSU. They have a 375W TDP and can draw around 500W during load unless you undervolt them. Not sure what brand you have of the 7990 and if you can undervolt yours, also heat might be an issue using two. Browse around for the PSU requirements.

    The CPU is overkill if you only want to do mining, litecoin mining is not at all CPU intensive, so get the cheapest CPU you can. 

    My own humble opinion is to try to get hold of some windforce3 7950s and overclock them and flash them. They are great value for money. Just stay the hell away from XFX since they are POS. I personally run a HIS 7950 IceQ that I cant seem to get over 615 Kh/s but I'll settle with that :P.

    With that kind of budget you'd be way happier with a 4x7950 setup.

  • thank you! it was my second idea 4 x 7950.... what sort of cpu you advice? 

  • and what sort of board for 4 x 7950?

  • Check this page for some input on the CPU etc.

    As for the motherboard ;
    I personally do not have any experience with any so have a look around forums and such :). A start is here
  • This thread also talks about motherboards (to a point) and cases and power.

    I like amd based motherboards with AM3+ cpu slots, but that may be just because it's what I'm used to.  You can get 4 and 6 core amd cpu's pretty cheap.  They work fine for general purpose computing.

    Finding a mb with 4 pcie 16x slots, particularly all with double width spacing, is a challenge.


  • thank you for all helpful reply! it seems, i will build an amd cpu's miner machine with 4 x 7950 cards... but i have to choose exact hardwires for it! ... maybe can somebody offer exact hardwers list for me:) will be helpful... thanks

  • The thread I linked to above talks about cases.  You'll have to decide whether you want an open frame case with risers to attach the cards, or a conventional case.  In the first case, you have possibly better cooling, although that's not guaranteed.  You also have potential problems overloading the power circuits.  In the second case, you may have a simpler installation since it's a conventional computer, better power management, but possibly more cooling problems.  I'll soon be running a 4 gpu setup in a conventional case, but not at as high a power level as yours would be.  That thread also talks about monitoring power consumption.

    I don't want to discourage you, but you're talking about grabbing an expensive tiger by the tail.

    Here are some specs for the card you're discussing:

    The total power dissipation for each card is 200 W and they need 2 pci power cords each from the power supply.  So you'll need 800 W of power just for the cards and 8 ea pci power cords.  Small power supplies don't have this.  The balance of system, cpu, ram, motherboard, fans, hard drives, etc. could easily pull another 300 W if you push it.  So it sounds like a 1.2 - 1.5 kw power supply would be in order.  1.5 kw is about as much as you can pull from a standard wall outlet and you won't be able to have anything else on the breaker that's active.  And, you'll pull more power from the wall than you supply to the pc.  I like Corsair power supplies and other components.  However, I couldn't find a 1500 W Corsair supply on Newegg.

    I'll guess at the price of a quality 1500 W power supply.  All these prices are guesses or very quick and dirty look ups.

    QUALITY 1500 W power supply - $ 300
    4X 7950 gpu's  - $ 1800
    solid amd mb with 4x pci x16 slots on double width spacing - $ 200 (if you can find one)
    cpu - $ 150
    ram 8 gb - $ 80
    Antec P280 Case (for example) - $ 110  (This would differ if you go open frame format.)
    4X Corsair hi velocity performance edition fans to replace / add to case fans - $ 124
    Windows 7 / 64 bit OEM - $ 100
    HDD - $ 100
    keyboard - $ 30
    mouse - $ 15
    wifi dongle - $ 30
    24" lcd led monitor - $ 150 (might as well use for gaming sometimes too)
    DVD drive - $ 30 or bluray drive - $ 75
    QUALITY A / V level surge protector - $ 40

    That should get you started, although I might have left off some things.  If you go with the blu ray drive, this all adds up to: $ 3304.  Quite a chunk of change.

    Try out the calculator here.

    Search the forums for the hash rate for these cards in their stock state.  Put in 1200 W for your power consumption and see how profitable you MIGHT be.  Be aware that your production rate WILL go down rapidly and immediately as the network difficulty increases.  Keep in mind that the bitcoin / litecoin price may go back down rapidly and what was profitable might not be any more.

    If you still want to go forward, I'm sure I or some others here can help with details.  If you ask what's a good xyz component, you'll get lots of opinions.

    For things under stress or using lots of energy, stick with quality name brand components.

    OH, for those GPU's, I highly recommend units with dual fans and monitor the temperatures like a hawk.

    Hope this helps.



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