Unofficial Official auth failed null problem thread

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To all who it may concern.  If you are getting an auth failed: (null) error similar to what is below (may look different depending on your client) please do not post about it currently.

(Borrowed from user mountainlion without asking so thanks after the fact)

It has been asked by the Give Me Coins staff that we do not spam the forum every time someone gets this error.  The staff is aware of the issue and working to correct it.  The issue started at approximately 18:00 MST Dec 4 or 01:00 GMT Dec 5 and has had intermittent repairs but is currently at least somewhat broken.  The EU servers were working temporarily, you may want to try them but no guarantees of success.  I'm sure they will appreciate if we don't hammer the servers while they're trying to repair them and if we consolidate everything on the forum to this thread.  If you have a useful update please reply here, otherwise, it is a widespread problem, it is well known and I have faith they are working to correct it as quickly as possible.

Status as of 07:20 GMT is:

EU servers intermittently up on ports 3333, 3334. EU server on 3334 seems to be most stable.
US servers down on all ports.
Forum site back from ~30 minute outage at 6:40 GMT and followup ~10 minute outage at 7:05 GMT.  
Website back from intermittent outages.
Please don't flood about the website issues either.

GMC staff has posted the following thread to let everyone who doesn't believe me know that they are aware and working on the issue.  It is in all our best interest to let them do what they do best and try to repair it instead of hold our hands on the forum.

GMC staff, if you have an update please let us know as well.  Thanks!


  • All 3 of my miners are down :( hopefully there will be a fix soon, best wishes to GMC staff

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    Bumped with updates.

    Status as of 07:25 GMT is:

    All is well that ends well!
    US servers auth on 80, 3333 and 3334.  EU servers auth on all ports as well.
    Website, forum and dashboard all running fast and without issues.

    Thanks GMC Staff!
  • The problem is still there for me at three different servers.

  • Still seeing this on US and EU servers every few lines:

    [2013-12-15 09:36:23] Pool 1 difficulty changed to 32
    [2013-12-15 09:36:23] pool 1 JSON stratum auth failed: (null)

    Pool 0 seems fine. Not sure how this affects mining. Does it even matter if the connection to pool 0 is good?

  • I'm having the problem on the US server with one of my workers.  It uses the same cgminer config as the others without the problem...except credentials are changed to the correct worker.  Every few lines Pool 3 changes difficulty, and then auth failed. Does it matter?

    [2013-12-17 21:45:31] Accepted 8c6dc2a6 Diff 467/256 GPU 2 pool 0
    [2013-12-17 21:45:41] Accepted 4be93f10 Diff 863/256 GPU 0 pool 0
    [2013-12-17 21:45:47] Accepted 4116781c Diff 1.01K/256 GPU 1 pool 0
    [2013-12-17 21:45:48] Pool 3 difficulty changed to 16
    [2013-12-17 21:45:48] pool 3 JSON stratum auth failed: (null)
    [2013-12-17 21:45:54] Accepted 4b89130f Diff 868/256 GPU 1 pool 0
    [2013-12-17 21:46:05] Accepted 0187e75a Diff 42.8K/256 GPU 1 pool 0
    [2013-12-17 21:46:05] Accepted 27217830 Diff 1.68K/256 GPU 1 pool 0
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