Not recieving DOGECOINS - Why?

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Support Ticket Opened [#580671] on 9/9/2014 and have not received a response.
Issue reported:
Have been mining DOGE @ (Address: DJ6KgwAsY7Sxf98ZnkZpPcZPbZLwgabdrF) for several days but have not received anything in my DOGECoin wallet.
In looking at it shows no transactions.

Set up cgminer with following settings and mining just fine.
  "url" : "stratum+tcp://",
  "user" : "DJ6KgwAsY7Sxf98ZnkZpPcZPbZLwgabdrF"
"pass" : "x"

Anyone have any thoughts on
1) where my coins are going?
2) Why give-me-coins support does not respond?


  • As per any pool you cant be paid if there are no coins. You are only paid when blocks are found.

    Please switch to give-me-coins and mine on the LTC servers. This will mean you are earning LTC, PTC, uLTC, SYS and DOGE all at the same time with your hashes.
  • as for respcnce time i apologise have had some personal matters to deal with and have not gotten to the tickets as fast as normal

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