Syscoin merged mining request

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I was wondering if it was possible to add Syscoin to the LTC merged mining pool.  It looks like a very promising coin and is set to launch on Saturday, August 16th.  It is merge-mining friendly - the announcement can be found here:

The reward for mining reduces fairly quickly, so the closer to launch the coin would be added, the better.



  • I would also like to see this coin added. Launch is today!

  • GMC is listed on the Syscoin page as an active pool. I havent seen any announcements about it here though.

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    Yep, it is - I was just looking to see what pools would be available at launch and there it was! Very cool!

    For anyone interested, here's the BitcoinTalk link to the announcement, at the message with pools announced:
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    I just noticed that SysCoin has been added to the Scrypt coin dropdown and is listed as launching today.

    Thank you!!!!     :))
  • Seems that this coin can not be mined yet. Any news when we can mine this?

  • On bittrex there's a "Wallet offline due to block-chain issues." disclaimer for Syscoin, but I have the wallet and I just watched it go from 1110 to 1113 blocks processed, so it looks like it's moving. Not sure what is going on...  

  • They have had issues. The pools that were mining at launch have mostly stopped mining. There is supposed to be a hard fork at some point today to fix the issue. Not exactly a launch that inspires confidence.

  • yeah khaos stayed up till 7 am for this. they had a issue with merged mining now with other things no idea whats going on at the moment but we will see what happens i guess.

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    Well, hopefully everything gets straightened out...

    I greatly appreciate your efforts! Thanks for making an awesome pool!

  • quick update we have worked with the devs and have a few tests to now do.

  • Hello all.

    Coin is scheduled to relaunch today. We have been working with SYS devs to iron some problems in the merged mining code. Hope all goes well today.


  • anymore new on this front by chance?

  • We are close. Have been working with the devs. This is on testnet now if all goes well we will be live in a few days.

    Dont worry we will put a announcement when its live :)

  • excellent news! hope all goes smooth during testing and whatnot

  • Yeah baby!!!

    I've mined ~30 Syscoins now!  :)

    Unfortunately, they are selling for less than the IPO/ICO price at the moment, but I have no problem holding on to them for the time being.

    Thank you for all your hard work Serraz and Khaos!!!  This is excellent!!!
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