What's up with PTC?

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It appeared one day under LTC, but I couldn't find anything out on the Give Me Coins sites. I had to scavenge around the net for information to find out that it is often mined in tandem with LTC. However, the wallet app seems broken (no block source to connect to), and after I mined my 2.00 PTC, the progress bar just disappeared.

What gives? Do you plan on formally announcing anything to do with PTC, or was this just a quiet experiment?


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    It was announced in the news and on the forum (litecoin merged mining) was spammed everywhere also even on twitter.

    It is merged mined with LTC so you earn both coins with no extra effort or disadvantage

  • I'm totally new to lite mining and this pool as of last night. (New ASIC blade..it rocks.)  The PTC balance was unexpected, but welcome...

    Thx for post and reply - answered my question!!

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    Strange; I saw nothing in the News section about it other than the "free weekend". Either way, that's great. However, the PesetaCoin wallet constantly says that it has no block source available, so even though I've earned 2.00 PTC by now, I can't cash in yet. :P

    Edit: I just tried adding the following to my pesetacoin.conf, but it did not work:


  • Argh... and now I can't even download a uLTC wallet, because the Umbrella website is busted. Sigh.

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