What is PTC under Balance?

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Sorry this is gonna sound like a real noobish question, but I'm new to this so go easy :P and hopefully I posted this in the right section lol But I have a Worker set up for Litecoin mining and I noticed I can see my round Estimate below hashrate on the dashboard. It's been running for a few days now and my balance for LTC is still at 0. BUT! Under Balance I have 0.1 for PTC...how can this be? But checking the worker area, I seem to have the exact same details/worker set up under LTC and PTC part of the site..so my one worker is currently working on both currencies? :/ I guess I can just delete teh worker I don't want and it will then just focus 100% on the LTC? Should I Stop my system from mining before I delete the worker then restart? Secondly how can I see a much more accurate view of my balance? since I either see 0 or 0.1 and not the actual amount such as 0.10983 etc?

Lastly.. I Seemed to have earned some coins I did not want xD some PTC...(I assume this is another coin?) or my whole thread was useless and I misunderstood the whole thing xD ANyhow I have like 0.1 PTC apparently.. would anyone be interested in trading these to Litecoin or something? I have no idea of the value of PTC so no idea if its enough to get even a little litecoin like 0.00012 or something lol. but hey it's worth asking xD I will be checking the value later to try get a better idea of if or what I could get for them xD


  • PTC is merge mineable with LTC so you are earning both coins at the same time with no extra effort or any disadvantage what so ever

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    Oh Right I see, so it isn't reducing my resources for LTC Mining making
    that any harder? If that's the case I might as well leave it! but I had a
    quick look online I couldnt exactly see where you would or could trade
    PTC? sorry for sounding like such a noob, I can have a more thorough look later when I am home though. I just never came across PTC
    before lol, PTC Is Pestacoin right? that's what I get with a quick
    google search. It seems I am earning PTC much faster than LTC I guess
    that's normal?

    Anyway thanks for the reply so far and for the info :) appreciated!

  • no does not have any affect on ltc at all the same shares go to both coins at the same time thats what merged mining means. PTC diff and net hashrate is alot lower the LTC which is why you net more

  • Ahh, ok! Well thanks for clearing that up for me! :) Good job I didn't change my worker settings and start fiddling with stuff haha :P I'll leave it as it is now I know that! :)

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