Bitcoin Pool - The End

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When the Bitcoin (and PPC) pool are closed, what are the chances of keeping only the pool JSON API alive (stats like network hash, pool hash (zero), as well as network difficulty, and last awarded block) as well as the exchange rate ticker for BTC and PPC?

It's handy information even though miner/worker stats will no longer be available. Might be kind of cool to see the final block finder in perpetuity.


  • we could make a static page for that no problem. I didnt really plan to remove the tickers anyway especially not he btc one as basically all cryptos are based off btc price.

  • Cool about tickers and static page. Though I was also thinking about the JSON API for general BTC info? (So it can be accessed from mobile apps)

  • Dumb question.  Why did this end?  Is bitcoin done everywhere or did you only have a "limited" supply of blocks?

  • not enough hash to get blocks properly so pools were shutdown. more info on news section of the site

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