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Just would like to say great work on the new site, it looks great, and everything has continued to run great with my miners.

Thanks a lot guys.


  • Thanks!!! :D

  • forgot the 4 digit PIN you chose when registering.

    I can not bring FTC
  • Auth/PIN problems, please contact the pools operators at:

  • I have to login again and again and again. Is it possible to stay logged in?

  • Can you please try again. We have increased the session timeout

  • Would it be possible to track BTC on a non-Gox exchange as their price is highly inflated due to their cash transfer economy?

  • which exchange did you have in mind?

  • bit stamp is probably the best exchange. This is a very nice pool.

  • I am experience quite some site down errors (if I remember right there was some 504 error and 502 error reported) in last two days. I think it is part of improvement of your site but I am puzzled why are you not developing on non-live site and just point to new site once it is bug free. I have not noticed any problems with pool connection.

  • Actually these are nothign to do with the site. These are cloudflare errors. The way cloudflare protects the site is it serves the website from a node close to you. These errors are probably caused by a node close to you being down or under a ddos attack.

    We have a development site for new things we dont do them on the live site. The error message shoudl actually be from cloudflare.

  • OK, thanks for explanation. 

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