*SOLVED* ZeusMiner Blizzards dont work here

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ZeusMiner Blizzards get 50% rejects, YES 50 DAMN PERCENT. Changed pools and 0 rejects after 8 hours using the same settings.   

10% Hardware errors as well. Changed pools and got a mere 10 errors after 8 hours with the same settings.


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    which server were you using here?

    If your interested im happy to help you work it out.

    Most of the pools here are asic ready i do reccomend mega for the new high powered miners (25+ MH) as the base diff is higher causing less rejects. If you are getting unknown-work is it due to vardiff changing your diff because you are usign a powerful asic on a low diff server which is why mega was created to begin with.

    If you left you miner for more then 24 hours you would see the rejects drop as the diff levels off or caps out. a few min or 8 hours is no where near enough time to gauge how good or bad a pool is.

  • i dont know the speed of the asic you are using but if you are willing to work with us we will help how we can.

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    I will send you a support ticket so you can get details I wont post here.  I have only moved my Blizzards to another pool all my other stuff still mines here. 

    Blizzards are around 1.2MH.  I am 100% willing to work with you and I am sure its something you will be able to get sorted out..  

  • Great im sure we can find out the cause and get it fixed

  • I think I mistakenly opened 2 tickets.  In any case the info is on its way to you. 

  • I read on litecointalk in the 350+ page thread about ZeusMiners that Blizzards may perform better with a higher share difficulty. 

    The other pool has me at 700 share diff and Give me Coins has me at a 64 then 128 then 160 share difficulty within a 2 minute window. I know 2 minutes is tiny but the other pool has me at 700 for as far as the history goes back

    A:545 R:4 HW:24 at that other pool
    A:1208 R: 460 HW:94 here

    Just want to add as much info as possible even if it might be useless.

  • those definatly look like they are caused by vardiff. Are these unknown work?


    there were soem extremly large botnets on our stratum servers. This explains our poor luck connection issues and massive ammount of rejects and stales.

    lets hope this is the end we have been blockign ip addresses all day.

  • Same issue.  31% reject rate after 24 hours.  Mining on mega with a Blizzard.  Transferred over to another pool and have a .5% reject rate.  Available to provide more info and help get this resolved.

  • I also am having trouble mining with my Zeus Blizzard. Currently mining on mega as UnklAdM.9

    Can respond with feedback over the next four hours or so (11pm Eastern)

    Thanks in advance,

     - UnklAdM

  • 1.2mh miners shouldent be on mega i was unaware they were so low powered. do the pools you are testing have vardiff?

    tIts funny all gridseed tests and other asics seem to provide great results.

  • Keep in mind this is a new miner with possible cgminer/firmware issues.

    It seems worse on ltc.give-me-coins.com:3333

    Currently on mega.give-me-coins.com:80 I am getting

    (5s):819.0 (avg):1.369Mh/s | A:1149  R:720  HW:98  U:5.9/m  WU:1344.7/m


    Apparently we await a firmware upgrade, but who knows if that will happen.

    Would you like me to switch to ltc.give-me-coins.com:3333 and post some details from there?

    I haven't tried any other pools yet but the general consensus is switch pools to fix this issue.

    If you want me to switch pools for testing I am more than willing to. Your pool rocks and I prefer it. ;)

    Let me know if you need any input,

     - UnklAdM

  • im just interested to see if the other pools have static diff.

  • Will test now, found a pool with both. Be back soon.

  • After further analysis it is my OPINION that the problem is with the cgminer v3.1.1 port provided by zeusminer. Testing on another pool IN MY CASE gave around 20-30% rejects and %10 hardware (short test) on my BATCH ONE Zeusminer Blizzard (approx 1.3mh/s) on all tested ports including VarDiff, StaticDiff, and HighDiff,

    Further research has indicated that https://github.com/Darkwinde is working with both the zeus_cgminer-3.1.1 and bfgminer repositories.  I'll clone the bfgminer source and move my zeusminer to my linux box tomorrow and report back. In the meantime I'll switch my Zeusminer-blizzard to ltc-give-me-coins.com:3333 for the night and check it sometime in the AM (GMT-5).

    Thanks for the great pool, serraz.

     - UnklAdM

  • Why do you have var diff capped at 1k on mega? Should be 2 or 4k. 

    On a side note whats up with pool luck past day...2 blocks in 12 hours :/
  • @jstefanop fighting against botnets tryign to flood servers causing connection issues and long blocks.

  • ontop of that pool hash is dropping so nothign i can do about bad luck

  • @serraz How about the var diff cap on mega servers?

  • i can raise it up if its topping out to low sure  sorry i missed that question earlier

  • Thanks for the new gridseed pool. I am successfully mining at gridseed.give-me-coins.com with an older (1 week old is ancient here) version of Darkwinde's bfgminer.

    I have 2 gridseeds and 4 zeus blizzards running on a single instance and the diff looks good. Thanks for the extra effort, I didn't really want to switch pools. 

    Mining in beautiful Upstate New York. ;)  - UnklAdM 

  • thanks for the feedback :) im sure we can still optomise more so if you notice any setting that work better let us know!!

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