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Anybody have any feedback on cryptsy for making exchanges. ??
Or recommendations on others?


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    I currently use Cryptsy and haven't had any issues.  Some users have reported issues with deposits taking a long time, but once someone puts in a support request it is usually fix pretty quickly.  Only thing I wish they had was an API trade client, sometimes the website can run a little slow.

    One thing they added recently is weekly drawings.  Every time you make a trade, you get part of your fee back in "Cryptsy Points" and you can either sell those for btc or use them in the drawing.  The prize two weeks ago was 200 mining contracts worth $12,000 US.

    Oh yeah, don't trust the troll box.
  • Cryptsy seems to be pretty decent.  I have also noticed some lag time in getting my deposits to post or show as pending but it always seems to resolve in an hour or so.  I have had some minor errors at times with balances reporting incorrectly for a few minutes.

    I use BTC-E for most trades and then Coinbase to cash out.  Cryptsy is my backup for when I want to trade some of the lesser known alts.
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