Luck and profit

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Hi, I'm new to the this pool. I just wonder how much I should receive in BTC and I also wonder if there are statistics of the luck for this pool.
I mine with appr. 14GHs and if the pools solves 2 blocks / month how much will that get me. Just comparing to the big pools, as there are not so many miners on this pool the share should be bigger if block is solved?


  • I can't tell anything about the revenue. But one comment on the second point. It doesn't matter if you mine for a big or small pool. A big pool has a lot of miners and you part of the received revenue is very small. In a small pool with less miners your part of shares on one block is much higher but it takes longer to get it. So finally you will get the same revenue. Look at the fee's that's more important if you want to maximize your revenue.

    Or from a mathematical point of view ... it doesn't matter if you get 0.1 BTC each day over a time of 10 days or if you get 1 BTC every 10 days ....

    If you look at a long term the luck should be the same for all ... :-)
  • ^^ he just said it all really. id stay off the jumbo pools as its already dangerious

  • i  thinking about making my own btc p2pool until i realized it takes years for my miner to find a block.... 

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