Round Estimates

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This morning my Round Estimate dropped from approx 1.1 to around 0.42.

Same approx hashrate. 

Any idea?

I know that sometime today there will be a hard fork and size and timing of rounds will change - but that has not happened yet.



  • Let me take a look.

  • Hard fork has just hit its madness lol

  • hell ya.

    this has messed up the numbers a lot - maybe let it settle down for 24 hours and see what it looks like.... :( 

    still looks like my round estimates are half of what they used to be this morning but really what matters is how much i rake in per day.

    thanks for looking into this.

  • remember coins per block are now 80 not 200 but block time is now 1 min so shoudl still be 200 blocks every 2.5 min. ill be keeping a close eye on it also

  • Hi, everyone.

    Thanks edosterman for your post.

    The same happens to me. Thanks

  • guys the block reward is 80 from 200. so naturally you will get less per block.

  • All right. Thank you

  • I understand that block reward is now 80 vs. 200 however the time is down to 1 minute from 2.5 as well. So, with difficulty running at around high 90's to low 100's shouldn't we be seeing the same payout level as when difficulty was at those levels prior to the fork? Or am I missing something. I am running a constant 1.4Mh/s reported in my dashboard. The best coin payout for a day since has been 18. Previously it was in the 28-35 FTC at these difficulty ranges.

  • @matx correct output shoudl be roughly the same. The only thing that woudlmake it different is varience in block finds. but the round estimates will drop as you will get less per round but it shoudl even out etc etc.

    I need to fix the calc on the website to give us a better understandign of daily est so for now use the one on

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