Hashing BTC @ over 200 Ghash/s for half a day and no reward!

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Just invested in new equipment and been hashing at well over 200 Ghash/s for nearly a day being in top 10 for the most of the time and no reward is being paid to me?
When minin litecoins on my R9 290X I am getting rewards quite often, but no BTC why? If after 24h no reward will be paid to me I will be looking for a different pool...


  • You have to wait for a block to be found, this may take several days with the current BTC difficulty.

  • Noob ;)
    I knew there was something like that... Did not realize it may take that long :)

  • It has been nearly a month since this pool has found a block. So may be a while before you ever see a confirmed reward. Instead all you will see is your unconfirmed reward which will go up or down depending upon how much you continue to point your miners here.

  • Just moved to PPC pool instead... Thanks for all your help guys :)

  • This is the longest time that I have mined and not got a nibble yet on btc



  • might be time to remove the pool and add more sha coins in its place. Still deciding on what to do and how to go about doing it

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