Vertcoin, veird behaviour?

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Hi guys, yesterday I tried to mine Vertcoins, no luck unfortunately
because vertminer refused to cooperate. Today, however, I tried it and
it sort of worked- look at photo 1, one core is offline but on the other
picture it is online- this is due to me restarting it. Furthermore I
closed the program and launched again, worked fine. Did it again, and
one core was offline again! I can't have it this unpredictable... Any
advice? Tell me if I talk s**t or not

my config:
(I have a HD6990)

color 02
C:\Users\litecoin\Desktop\vertminer-0.5.2\vertminer.exe -u blu4.jakub -p kuba -o stratum+tcp:// -I 10,12,12,12 -w 256 --thread-concurrency 13824,13824,13824,13824  --gpu-engine 800,800 --gpu-memclock 1200,1200,1200,1200 --temp-cutoff 99 --temp-overheat 95 --temp-target 85 --gpu-fan 50-100 --auto-fan

What is the error shown in picture 1?

Intensity command in the batch file doesn't seem to be working. Core 0 is set to I 10 but works at I 12..


  • Make sure u delete or edit the original .conf file in many cases they r the troubke maker in 0.5.3

  • @color 02

    you left the user name and password in your posted config file, might want to delete that and change it
  • @jti8899 doesnt really matter since those are only for the worker and not the account. meaning if anyone uses them they will be mining for him instead of themself.

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