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First PPC block has been struck by yours truley :D. once we confirm its all paid and payments are working we will take the pool out of beta.

Enjoy :D


  • Congrats on finding the first block Serraz. I just saw that. How much were you hashing?

  • around 400gh i pointed everything at the pool :P

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    Nice. I was late to the game so I have been starting to focus more on building up my scrypt hashing.  All I have for sha-256 is 1 measly antminer. 

  • nice serraz !

    i'm in with my ridicolous 8gh   ^_^'

  • @aiqwerty better than my measely 1.6gh

  • I am all the way up to 2gh

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    Oh great, aren't alone ..   :)
    @Drakona @sda3  i'm in a good company !

    the union make the power

  • what's the setting for bfgminer for mining peercoin?
    i'm using redfury bf1 usb miner
    does anyone know, please tell me the answer
    okay thanks

  • @coolman88  i have Butterfly Labs Jalapeno 8gh , and i use bfgminer with the software provided by Butterfly Labs to mine peercoin.
    i have only set the address pool with a standard string , for example :

    bfgminer -o http://ppc.give-me-coins.com:3338 -u minername -p minerpassword
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    @serraz one question:

    is normal the decrease on "round estimate" during the mine Peercoin?
    my "share submitted" have increased in the time , but the round dont have a regular boost.
    i'm still locked around 0.3  / 0.27  Round Estimate.

    i think is because no block was closed.. right?

  • @aiquwerty its the same on all pools.

    Basically the only time you will see your round estimate drop is if you are pool hopping or more miners join the pool as the reward then has to be split between more miners making everyone get a little bit less per blocks. There should be more blocks as more join therefore evening it out and reducing varience between blocks.

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