Vertcoin mining - pool luck not very good?

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Is it normal for our Vertcoin mining luck to be so bad? Our average shares are on average 50% higher than the current coin difficulty and as of the time of this post we have over 70 000 000 shares and no block yet. Isn't that extremely high for Vertcoin? Stratum issues? What is going on?


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    was waiting for a post like this...

    a few gh has dropped off teh network for starters and ive seen alot of pools are having pretty bad luck im guessing suince a few gh has droped off the 1gh+ pools are findign blocks for the moment but once diff drops things will ge tback on track as diff changes per block.

    As for the ammount of shares they are weighted now.

    We constantly monitor servers and if there is a issue we usally resolve it before anyone notices or let users know if its a ongoing issue.

  • also looking at the chart we sometimes get soem crazy lucky blocks so im sure we will get soem fast blocks to even out the bad luck

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