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Hey guys,

From the votes we are goign to release the following coins.

VRT (Scrypt community choice) - 12 - 24 Pool all ready and added to the pool.
PPC (SHA256 community choice) Pool is up in beta mode

At the moment we are working to modify stratum for these new coins once we have an eta we will post a specific time for the pools to be released as beta (so we can confirm blocks are found and things work properly) before fully releasing. I will have another update in a few hours.

Get your miners ready and spread the word :D.


  • Great! Thanks 

  • Vertcoin pool will be up very soon. We have finished stratum changes and are doing some last tests on testnet while we finish the website changes :) estimated time will be 12 - 24 hours.

  • VTC beta pool is up!!!. please let us know if you come across any issues during the beta tests. URL is below and getting started page has been updated.

    VTC Servers share difficulty of 4 -256

  • Any thoughts about the second place entries?

  • @mbtc2 lets coem back to that in a few weeks we have alot on our plates at the moment

  • My miners are ready! And mining. And it's only 1 miner. My mining rig is lonely and sad. ;_;

  • well VTC pool is now out of beta as we can confirm all is working :).

  • Working well but my contributed shares keep flopping. I am also getting bleed over of stats on feathercoin. I jump from high in contribution ranks to the lower end on the vtc stats. Shares submitted gets reduced... Not sure what is going on.

  • if your miner is working properly on the correct miner and the site is on VTC then it should be correct. Shares are reset after each block and may be a little bumpy untill we have a few blocks. but payments and round est should be correct. ill keep an eye on it

  • Serraz,

    Was mining LTC for the last few months with you guys. Adding these new coins was perfect timing as LTCs difficulty shot up and I didnt wanna mine it anymore. All I can say is I'm really happy to be able to continue mining with GMC. Yay for VERT coin! 

  • edited March 2014

    Plz help! GPU idle all time!

    My bat:

    F:\Install\vertminer\vertminer.exe --scrypt-vert -o stratum+tcp:// -u Snowman_UA.1 -I 18 -p <my_pass>

  • Did that fix it ? I personalty have never had to use setx 

  • Calculator doesnt work for this coin by the way. Not too big of a deal just thought id let you know

  • @TrevorNlan its almost impossible to have a accurate calculator for this coin due to the diff changing each block. however we might be able to modify it to use dif over last 20 blocks but not sure how accurate that will be

  • I'm having an issue guys. I run the bat and all is well, but accept absolutely nothing.

    accepted: 0/246 (0.00%), 85.43 khash/s (booooo)
    GPU #0: GeForce GTX 645, 85.06 khash/s
    accepted: 0/247 (0.00%), 85.06 khash/s (booooo)

    Any ideas why? When I mined FTC I was up at 105 kHashes and 99% accepted. What gives?
  • are you using the correct vert miner. can we please keep the vertcoin questiosn to the vertcoin section please i wanted this to announce the new coins

  • Hi, there is a time prevision on PPC  release on this pool?

  • no ETA yet we are workign on modifying stratum for PPC and NVC but it has never been done before for the software we are using.

  • ok, serraz, i'm anxious to  try to switch my asic to PPC.

    the bitcoin difficult are very boring and no block is solved in more 20days.

    Thanks for the work ! 
  • PPC pool is in the works :)

  • i'm syntonized on Serraz Radio news  ..    :))

  • PPC pool is up in beta mode :)

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