BTC miner produces shares but website shows no shares and no hashrate

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My BTC miner is producing shares and good hashrate, but the dashboard shows my hashrate is 0 (zero) and no shares are counting.
Till yesterday, everything was working perfect, nothing changed on my side, miner is working perfectly on another pool. (just tested)
No hardware errors or any other errors. Im using bfgminer.

Any ideas what is wrong?

Thanks in advance!


  • edit: changed to another server (the EU server) and now it's working. So I gues a server problem?

  • please help me in writing bat file for cgminer for bitcoin   i am not able to make coins

     Network: 391.07 PH/s 
     Pool: 234.12 TH/s 
     You: 0 KH/s 
     Round Estimate: 0.00114032 

    Shares submitted
     Pool: 11,163,719,005
     You: 527,964 (0%) 
    Round Luck:  906,286.93%
     Valid Lifetime: 279315
     Invalid Lifetime: 9 (0%)

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