Will new ASIC miners be profitable?

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I am thinking of pre-ordering either a:

  - BFL 600 GH/s Monarch card for $2196 and hope to get it during March; or
  - CoinTerra 2 TH/s Terraminer IV for $5,999 and hope to get it during May.

Would either of these purchases if they started mining during the indicated delivery dates be profitable?

According to the info at http://bitcoindifficulty.com it appears that bitcoin difficulty is increasing at 88% per month.  Assuming that is true and according to the calculator at http://mining.thegenesisblock.com/ neither of these miners would ever become profitable.

Does the above analysis seem correct?  If not, what are my errors?


  • That's what I came up with when I ran similar numbers.  Unless you have zero electricity costs or are really lucky or the difficult declines/plateaus for some reason they just don't add up with almost any miner I looked into.   If anyone finds otherwise I'd definitely be curious to hear it.

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