GIVEMECOIN site not updating in over 2 hours.

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Earlier i noticed the site went down, i got a cloudfare hosting error. Later when it returned my farm stats are not updating. Its stuck on the same hash-rate for 2 hours, despite several of my machines being down. It seems to be frozen. The mining servers seem to be working, but no new data is being reported to the site.


  • Same issue here, I'm sure it will update eventually.

  • if u look at "all discussions" you will see his "pool stats" post about the DB heavy usage....

    i think they r working on the site right now and updating things....

    yes i am seeing the same issues as you.

    just keep mining and it will show up later !!!

    keep the faith :-)

  • Decided to switch to wemineltc while the site is being fixed. There is a non zero chance we don't get credited for the mining we do on GIVEMECOIN while the site is being worked on.

  • if u look in the block pool for litecoin i see 2 more blocks got posted as confirmed...

    so apparantly its still going..... but just slower hehehe.

  • yep looks like its working again and u didnt lose anything...

    i got an old payment, and stats are updating now.

  • I have all my settings wiped, and all earnings are gone. Can some one help ? Are they going to be restored ?

    I till 9:00 am EET I should had about half LTC. Now even the worker is missing and at the same time cgminer is still working.

  • On my case, now I´m mining at 1,02MH/s but only submitted 274 hashes, and have got block without reward although miners was working.

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    My cards are giving me 800kh/s on cgminer, however on the GIVE ME COINS
    portal, it says I'm at like 50kh/s. Should I stop or am I getting
    credited for what I'm working on?

  • you can stop blaming the site now. most likely you have hardware errors in your miner. if you haev checked it and you dont then let us know

  • If you have a boatload of hardware errors or rejects they do not count towards the hashrate shown on your dashboard.  Get a stable setup and the dashboard will mimic the numbers you're seeing in your miner.

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