Namecoin merged mining

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All I can find in the forums says we should be mining namecoins yet no blocks have been made...has this been scrapped?


  • No as you can se eon the site NMC is still there. we have foudn multiple blocks of namecoin it has just been a while since we found any which is the luck side of pplns :(.

    Hopefully we find it soon :D.

    FYI: we dont make any changes without notifying users so if you dont see a notification its gone then its not gone.
  • Whats the port for NMC?

  • Yes - I'm curious about this - do we have to enable merged mining somehow? If not - it seems odd with the difficulty of NMC being so much lower than XBT that we'd find so many fewer blocks? Or is there some other deep magic to merged mining that makes it less efficient for NMC? Any pointers happily read. Thanks.

  • Hi, so I have been here for LTC but decided to do BTC here now too. I see NMC listed on the site and have been mining for about a week and no NMC has been added along with BTC so not sure if I need to do something on my account to turn NMC merge on or what? Other sites had an option so not sure how this pool works for making sure merged mining is going on for your workers, any help would be great.

  • you dont have to do anything extra but the rules of PPLNS still apply..

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