Note regarding the new terms

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> Via Twitter
> The give-me-COINS staff may modify this Agreement and any
policies affecting the Site at any point of time. Such modification is
effective immediately upon posting to the website or distribution via
email, forum post or a link in chat
. Your continued use of the Pool
following any modification to this Agreement shall be deemed an
acceptance of all modifications.

I'm German so I happen to be an expert on the paragraph topic:
The current wording is bad, because it basically allows you to just post stuff in the pool chat and everyone who doesn't read it is fucked because, well, the person obviously can't see it if he/she is not in the chat.

I think of this as a great pool so no offense intended, just a wish for a more clear wording that states what you are doing anyway :)
(e.g. 'posting this in twitter and the news section of the site')



  • i will reword. basically what that means is it will be posted in all of those areas at the same time especially site news and twitter.

  • Well that was fast - thanks :)

    A little flaw though:
    > and will be distributioned via email

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