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CudaMiner for Nvida guys  You need to add in --algo=scrypt:2048


Mac Os X

Example Cuda Scrypt not sure on the port as of this post

\cudaminer.exe --algo=scrypt:2048 -o stratum+tcp://vtc.give-me-coins:3337 -O USERNAM:PASS







    You will get about half your hashrate with vertcoin mining.   EVERYONE get's half.  It is a much more memory flexable coin to mine hence it is ASIC resistant.  Litecoin, feathercoin are set in the size of memory they need to run.   Vert changes.  Just be aware of it.


  • Looks like a few others have figured out the server... It wasn't very hard to guess!

  • i made all the posts now :)

  • It was kinda fun to see my meager hash rate making a decent percentage of shares before you posted it :). I've only got CPU miners running right now. I tried firing up an old HD 4870 but it was only doing 8 khash, so it is going to need some tweaking.

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    Hopefully anyone using the cpuminer will be smart enough to look at the start.bat and change the information in it to the correct info for here. otherwise you will be mining for some other person on another pool.

  • Where do I find the cpuminer-vert-Aleks_N x64 version?

  • For windows? There is a link on the vert site, or click here

  • yes for windows, this version of cpuminer-vert-Aleks_N is 32bits, I want 64bits version

  • PLEASE verify and update your vertminer to 0.5.3 version if you are not running 0.5.3 yet.

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    x64 version of cpuminer for windows should support much faster CPU instructions (AVX, AVX2 and XOP). I'm trying to compile for windows x64 in mingw but I had no success. I cannot make libcurl usable (though it is correctly detected) when I issue the command LIBCURL="-lcurldll" ./configure CFLAGS="-O3".

  • Finally I could compile the cpuminer-vert for win64, using all the CPU optimizations. Speed improved more than 60%!!!

    Here you have the link:

    If you think that my work is useful for you, you can donate a little amout to:
    LTC: LgPRkwpH67QFVtBCWzSLuWvWqjs8xst6N2
    VTC: Vng712doRLRqzZDS5KszqSLyWR75LyXYi7

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    Nice work @ikerrg, I'll be testing this out when I get home  :D

    EDIT: wow, I'm getting double the hash rate when using the 64 bit exe.. thanks!
  • Not quite double the rate for me but it has increased dramatically went from an average of only 1.5 to 2.5 on a single core cpu.

  • @ikerrg the archive is corrupt when I download it from dropbox! :(

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    @antburns try again, I got it from there and it worked fine. maybe your download stopped before it completed or hicuuped and corrupted it.

    @ikerrg will this version of minerd still work with the other scrypt coins as well like feathercoin and litecoin? Trying to write a batch file taht lets me choose which one to start mining every time I start it. Have the basics done but got a few booo's when trying it with feathercoin.

    REM - small batch file to choose which coin to mine and then start the miner.
    REM - gives user 3 choices to decide which coin to mine
    echo Choose 1 for litecoin 2 for feathercoin or 3 for vertcoin
    CHOICE /N /C:123 /M "PICK A NUMBER (1, 2, or 3)"%1
    REM - star the bat file for teh coin chosen
    call vtc.bat
    call ftc.bat
    call ltc.bat

    Of course anyone using this needs the bat files for the other coins made. Just keep all in the same directory as the miner and make a shortcut to the choosecoin.bat or what ever you call it on the desktop then only need one bat file to start the miner ever.

  • @antburns The file is packed using Winrar 5.0 format. You need Winrar 5.0 or higher to unpack.

    @Drakona The file minerd.exe is developed only to mine nscrypt coins, where n is hardcoded to 11 (2^11=2048). You cannot mine any other coin based on standard scrypt (n=10, 2^10=1024), you'll get booooos. If you want to mine different "proof of work" coins, you have to use different miners, which it is easy with your .bat file if you change the name of the minerd.exe to minerdnscrypt.exe and you call different exes depending on the algorithm.

  • Yeah I figured it out after posting the question, tested it on the others and only got boooo's for a while, I made a different batch file and have two seperate folders, one for nscrypt and one for regular scrypt coins. I made a post about it with the changes and how i set it up for anyone else that wants to try and use it.

  • @Drakona ;

    Where can I find that post? Been looking for it with no luck
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    CPU Mining batch file

    I posted it in the general discussion forum at the time I made it, need to ever ask serraz to move it to miner configs I guess.

    with it you can choose which coin to mine while cpu mining. Currently you have to stop the current mining and then restart it if you want to choose a different coin.

  • I have uploaded a new compilation for windows x64, which is statically linked and does not require additional dlls.

    Hope this helps!

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    Not really seeing much difference other than just need the one file now. Though I can say it got a Yay!! within the first few moments of running. But no real hash rate increase over the last one you compiled.

  • Hello guys i use something called bamt 1.5 and i run them on usb i have 4 rigs right now with 4 r9 290 and 8 r9 280x cards and i used to run on win 7. Now that i have switched i have no plroblem its a little bit to learn about ssh beacuse u just remotley connect and ssh in ill post both a link for the download and one guide for configing to scrypt-n <------ Bamt download <---------------- How to config the miner dont for get to check the hardware comparison so u get the right values


  • Amazing !!!

    Made a "Hide" vbs file, so now im able to distribute on the PC network without anybody knowing :-)
    I had a very nice increase on Haswell CPU`s especially on laptops 4 and 6 cores going from 8-9 Khs to 14 Khs.
    Brilliant work !

  • PLEASE HELP!! I can't mine, what am i doing wrong?

    Scrypt for Cudaminer:\cudaminer.exe --algo=scrypt:2048 -o stratum+tcp:// -O HarrysdogeSmyth:Test2

    and it wont open. I will donate coins to whoever helps me get my miner up and running.
  • for starters its not on this pool so you will have trouble conencting on that front

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