Auto payout processed but not delivered to wallet

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I had an auto payout process at 17:45 eastern today but nothing has shown in my wallet yet.  This was over three hours ago. 

I know auto payments have had issues but even with those, when the payout shows on the payments page, I can see it in my wallet almost instantly. 

Any thoughts?  Screencap below.  (Payment address redacted.)  When I click the wallet hyperlink in the payment address column, the payment also does not show so it's not my local wallet. 



  • Same... auto payout at 4:45 CST, now 8:38PM CST... hasn't even hit the Blockchain yet. Payment issues???

  • Same here! auto payout at 5:54 EST and has not made it to the blockchain yet?
    Started ticket.

  • I meant 5:45 EST. Looks like all three were in the same batch?

  • Hmm strange ill look into it. maybe the batches had not been sent yet. ill make sure goign to change the way autopayouts work in the next few days and document it clearly as peopel dont seem to understand it isnt instant.

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    UPDATE:  Payout from 17:45 still is not showing.  Payout from 23:30 showed instantly in my wallet. 

    Thanks for checking into it.  If you'd like a ticket opened, just say the word.  (Not sure if it helps with tracking or is just annoying since you know about it already.)

  • @gmcmonkey thanks for the info can anyone else confirm later transactions are working. ill find out why the older ones havent shown yet.

    thanks for patience

  • I just submitted a ticket regarding this issue. Later transactions are working for me as well.

    Something similar happened in Eligius a couple months ago, but it was pool-wide. I hope it's not much work for you, serraz.

    Best of luck and thank you for the hard work.
  • I had a similar thing this morning. The auto payment went through but no coin in my wallet. That was 8 hours ago. I have just opened up a ticket. Hope i haven't lost anything!!

  • if its older transactions (which so far it seems to be) we shoudl jsut be able to send the batches same as if any newer ones are failing.

    nothing is lost jsntcrow just be patient we will get to each one. Pretty sure i know what was wrong so ill process the queued payments the fix it

  • Same thing here.  Payout from 2014-03-11 17:45:20 Eastern did not arrive in my wallet.  Opened ticket.

  • Great. I didn't really have a lot to lose but it was my experimental amount :)

  • Do we get compensation on possible trade losses ;p

  • Same here, also logged a ticket

  • ok figured it out. it was a payment that failed. ill reprocess that batch shortly. @jsntcrow you can have compensation for trading losses take it out of the fee for my service. :D

  • Payment received

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