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Hey all,

We think it's about time for us to add a new coin to the pool, don't you? But rather than just adding any old coin we are handing this over to you all to decide.

How it will work is as follows. We will ask for suggestions of coins to add to the pool, Once we have a list of coins we will create a poll and the top voted coin will be added to the pool. This will be the first of many coins we will support in the future.

So please, add your coin suggestions to the thread and we will get that poll made up.

EDIT: ok i think i have enough to create a poll. I willbe closign this thread
now and we will be able to vote on coins very soon. i will post a
further update when we are ale to.

There will be 2 polls 1 for scrypt / scrypt varient coins and one for SHA256 coins.


  • CacheCoin would be pertinent as Fibonacci will be accepting it as payment for Scrypt ASIC's!

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    Has to be Doge - great community and rapidly growing number of places where you can spend it. Deserves a place here

  • Pesetacoin, probably comming up faster than others.

  • PrimeCoin

  • Doge seems to be popular but why would you invest in something that has an unlimited number of blocks? It's dollar value can only decrease over time. Vertcoin is the future of scrypt mining.

  • I like DigiByte since they have the mobile app like Litecoin.

    +1 DigiByte

  • Emercoin seems to be fast and reliable.

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    I was lucky to catch the Dogecoin train within 12 hours of it being launched.  I really wish I couldve mined it here instead of the fly by night pools that sprung up in the coin's beginning.  Ive done better with that then any other coin that Ive ever mined.  I feel like the ship has passed with that though.  I think another coin (newer) would be better but I dunno which one.

  • I vote for DogeCoin too, for the fun, maybe this is not the best coin to do monney, but the spirit of the community is good and i think we can do nice things, it's not fully oriented to profiit. And i think you can catch lot of new member with it. Maybe you can ad it for the experience, and an other altcoin for the rentability.

    Ps: sorry for my fucking language, i'm fucking french^^
  • i'm thinking myself either Nova coin or vertcoin would be the best option, i feel like they are new and since difficulty is fairly low it would be a good investment to adapt early. if you look on BTC-E nova coin is trading for $7.50 at the time of writing this post, it has bit potential for growth :) 

    so +1: Novacoin or Vertcoin 
  • We don't need another scrypt coin I think. We need to look into those new algorythms that appeared since the pool started.

    About to launch is Heavycoin which should be CPU only they say, I don't know enough to recommend though. There are also the keccak coins(maxcoin and copperlark), but they aren't doing very good nowadays.

    Should we try one of those coins that are suposed to be asic proof?

    I say we get on board with a newly created or about to come out.

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    VERT, XPM, PPC, or wait for TacoTimes new MC2 coin

  • I think that going with an existing coin should be with one that is stable with room for growth, and not necessarily a script mined coin.  Vertcoin would be a good choice in this regard.  I also read about a "MasterCoin" that is new and currently can only be purchased using BTC.  Might be worth a look.

  • AURORA COIN!!! It has alot of promise. Iceland is already trying to country wide use it. Its value is currently 1 AUR to 16.24 USD!! Save Draft

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    Best suggestion so far. People, forget bout Doge, that train left the station a long while ago..

    Vertcoin maybe a good choice
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    hey guys,

    Firstly thank you for the overwhelming ammount of responces in such a short ammount of time i have been making a list ready for the poll and votes. I know there is alot of hype for doge but i have some major concerns about it which i will list below.

    1. We will need quite a large hashrate in order to actually find any doge blocks.
    2. I have spoken to other pool operators (some which have pulled support for doge) the reasons being that the wallet looses sync randomly and requires a restart for mining to work. which would be alot of extra work for myself and khaos.
    3. The wallet has been known to take 100% of multiple CPU's on the server.

    in saying this i did say i would leave it up to you guys but we must validated all coins in a technical point of view for your benifit and our sanity :)

  • PPC just because you can exchange it on btc-e ;)

  • When will this be decided?

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    i will create a poll in teh next few days then i say we give it a week. i want to give it a few more days for all to see it to make sure its fair and everyone gets a say.

    Im about to go through and clean up all of the posts for the same coin as this was just to get a list the votes will be a poll. Please try to mention coins that havent bene mentioned yet :)

    The poll is where we get vots to see which is most popular :)

  • Worldcoin perhaps ;)

  • Hmm. Interesting to see all this commotion surrounding Vertcoin. Makes me want to take a look at it, but it is quite new. It uses the Kimoto Gravity Well... which was introduced in Megacoin. My vote is for Megacoin.

    Megacoin recently lost a great pool, smalltimeminer, because of the overall pool being unable to withstand DDoS attacks (they also mined many other coins). There are a couple other decent pools out there, but my feeling is that GiveMeCoins could be much bigger/better.

    Dogecoin is also a decent choice...

    Peercoin might be a decent choice too.

    Vertcoin seems quite johnny come lately, but I'd certainly consider it.

  • The only coin that has a future, and I'm not just saying that to be annoying, is DarkCoin. Started January 18th it is a new alt coin, however, it has a highly talented developer. Here are some of the features of this new coin:

    11 hashing algorithms to make it ASIC resistant, it's still a viable CPU miner, I mine with both CPU and GPU. It also runs the GPU MUCH cooler, 30% cooler leaving your room cooler and not wearing out your GPU or stressing the system so badly (and quieter fans!)

    But that's not the good part. Evan Duffield, our developer, has created an anonymous wallet. Not with a mixing service or TOR no, this is called DarkSend and it hides the address FROM THE WALLET. The blockchain will not contain your wallet address but a throw-away address that is untraceable. Even the coins are difficult to follow, using an implementation of coinjoin. It's a simple yet effective solution. Simplicity = much harder to crack. As Einstein said, the solution should be as simple as possible but no simpler"

    Darksend is working NOW, in beta. it is closed source until the developer has everything worked out, so no faulty code is grabbed and used by other alt coins. The only issues I see with it now are that sometimes, the transaction gets kicked back (no coins lost though), and to set your wallet up requires you to issue a command in the console, which is clunky. I'm sure the user interface for Darksend will be smoothed out, it's just still in Beta.

    Our highly talented and dedicated developer has other plans for the coin that he has only hinted at, and I don't doubt he will come through on that as he has been very responsive to all issues that have come up since launch, implementing KGW right as our first mining whale plopped down on us, and this has since kept the whales away or at least at bay.

    Coin rewards for mining are based on 2222222/(((Difficulty+2600)/9)^2) = Reward

    The graph looks like this:

    there is a hard limit of 84 million coins, but this limit will take proximately 70-80 years to reach depending on how popular the coin is to mine. Once difficulty reaches approximately 5000, the coin rewards will bottom out at 5 coins per block and stay there until the 84 million coin wall is hit.

    This coin is well thought out, well planned, has an excellent team of developers lead by Evan Duffield, a young man with Software and system development experience in the Banking industries. You can't get better than this!

  • I have to say to add Doge.. It is a very stable coin despite its decline in value, like most other alts value vs BTC during this particlular time period. Overall, Doge has been more profitable vs LTC. If Doge and LTC were in this pool, I would seldom, if ever go elsewhere. In addition, I  do not seem to accumulate the coins projected in doge pools and other profitablility charts. Doge needs a good honest pool. Thanks much for considering our opinions. Happy mining to all.

  • I think we should add worldcoin. It has a lot of potential.

  • I vote for an ASIC resistant coin. I got into mining LiteCoin using GPUs mainly for fun and maybe a little profit, because I didn't want to battle with BitCoin ASICS. LiteCoin is no far from being uneconomical to mine as the difficulty has gone up massively and the price has dropped after the last big surge.

    If we choose a coin that is easily scalable to custom silicon, if it takes off, then the only people who will be able to mine it are those with deep pockets who can put in a machine room full of ASICS. I hear there are new corporate coins on the way when they can work out the legals. By supporting any particular coin, we give that coin credibility, so please pick something that will allow the hobbyist community to stay involved.
  • Put AUR Auroracoin

  • Yesterday i posted that i prefer Primecoin.

    If this is not possible, then Vertcoin or a similar ASIC-resistant cryptocurrency. This is important because ASIC cause big corporations to monopolize mining, and this is not desirable for users.

  • Earthcoin EAC +1

  • +1 for MyriadCoin.

    Instead of daisy-chaining numerous hashing algorithms like many copy/paste clones as of late, this coin features 5 different proof systems with independent difficulties. This means that a cpu miner has just as much of a chance to find a block as a large scale bitcoin asic miner.

  • I came to this site for litecoin  and i think it would be great to get something else that is not worth pennies on the dollar. I vote auroracoin, Novacoin, Vertcoin, CacheCoin, peercoin? any of those kind of dollar values. or like others have said go with something that is coming out.

    For those of you with that 50% premined argument. It still doesn't change the fact of what something is worth. and as far as well the drop is about to happen  argument.  That doesn't mean that the price will drop. If the country can adopt it as a payment system for regular use. That is going to be the coin that survives all of this alt coins being created everyday business.
  • I think Dogecoin fills a very specific use-case for crypto-currency: tipping.

    It's already supported by a community that intends to create what is essentially a gift-based economy.
    For a crypto-currency to be good for this it must remain cheap and plentiful ( for which Doge is designed).

    Regardless - I like the idea of something like Dogecoin growing to replace existing revenue-extracting mechanisms like internet advertising.

    And you know... to the moon!
  • I suggest Vertcoin or Execoin. Scrypt ASICs are coming and people will want to start mining a GPU-only coin with their GPU gear, rather than decommission it. Both of those Scrypt-N coins are good...I actually prefer Execoin's transaction speeds, but Vertcoin support has grown a lot.

  • What about the Auroracoin?  Huge growth in the past few days and it's the first crypto of its type.

  • VERTCOIN uniquely!

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    AURORA COIN!!! or maxcoin ...

  • Dodge seems like the logical choice for another scrypt based coin. I would like to see another SHA256 coin added. I have a lot of money invested in ASIC hardware and would like the ability to mine another type of SHA coin here. The SHA coins that see to stay at the top of the heap would be eMark(DEM), and TerraCoin(TCC), others fluctuate a lot more in value such as Unubtanium (UNO), and ContinuumCoin(CTM).

    I would vote for adding one of each, one scrypt and one SHA256, so you are not alienating any group that is setup for one format or the other.
  • cleaned up the double posts on the thread again i agree with @MrWhite think we willhave 2 polls one for scrypt / other algos and one for sha256.

    ill start organising that today maybe and close this thread once that happens

  • PPC (peercoin), XPM (primecoin)

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    I've had to go elsewhere for Doge, I'd prefer to do it here.

  • I am currently mining dogecoin at another pool and would prefer to mine here because the statistics are better and the site has better navigation.

  • vertcoin seems pretty cool. I'll +1 that

  • Coins with real community support: DigiByte, Digitalcoin, Worldcoin

  • +1 Vertcoin

  • Are there any fake coins if your just trading them for bitcoins for profit just wondering

  • I keep seeing Flappycoin (FLAP) Infinitecoin (IFC) Auroracoin (AUR) Dogecoin (DOGE) popping up on profitability chart all the time you guys tell me guys...

  • ok i think i have enough to create a poll. I willbe closign this thread now and we will be able to vote on coins very soon. i will post a further update when we are ale to.

    There will be 2 polls 1 for scrypt / scrypt varient coins and one for SHA256 coins.

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