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Hi All,

I'm Pleased to announce that I have created a open source project for monitoring the Give-me-coins.com pool. I have submitted the app yesterday to the apple store, so it wil take one week in order to get it live. I will post the link of the app in the apple store when the app is accepted. 

The source code of the project is available on https://github.com/adilbenmoussa/give-me-coins-iOSMonitoringApp
Now you can watch your hashing performance for all your favourite cryptographic currencies from your iPhone or iPad. 


Donations, tips and suggestions are more than welcome in order to continue improving this project.
  • BTC: 1JoAGrCyb4UneqCngzxjDvo6x4PR7AnRHz
  • LTC: LZrN28A9VDfPzCVuKNikNoSp9JrwgP7AEC
  • FTC: 6mobosJPJkd1AsFGvF8gA1QquBXPLnHanZ

Kind Regards,


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    nice looks like a port of the android app which we needed. If so please make sure to mention the devs in the description.

    in any case great work :)

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    Hi serraz,

    Thnax for the reply, I will mention that on github.
    I have added the link 'https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=give_me_coins.dashboard' to the read me of the github project.

  • Did this ever make it on the app store?

  • Hi,

    I'm glad to announce that the app is available now on Apple store :)

    Kind Regards,
  • You need to update the app for vert coin support now.

  • Also maybe you could add the payout history to it.

  • Hi,

    @Drakona I will add this feature in the roadmap of the app, It will be included in the next update.

    @Goushuin  Unfortunately the open API doesn't include this option, so may be it a good idea that the guys of give-me-coins will enrich the current API with new options.

    Kind Regards,
  • @Goushuin ill see what i can do :)

  • Thanks to the developer !

  • @coinstorm & @serraz

    Are there different api's?  The api that I can click on in the Account>Settings>API QR Code has a variable "payout_history" and the value of the coins that have been paid out to my wallet.

    I wasn't suggesting a full payment history of every payment for each block, that would be way to much data, just the sum total that has been paid to your wallet.

    In any case, great app.
  • Hi Goushuin,

    I'm going to add that option 'payout_history' in the next update of the app.

    Kind Regards,

  • Any idea on when the update may be out. Like the app, just wish was eaier to check about vetcoins and maybe name coins too. other than that not a bad app at all.

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    Hi Drakona,

    I have created a new update in code, check the develop branch to see the progress if you are interested.

    Features of version 1.1 are:
    • Add support for Vertcoin
    • Add 'payout_history' option
    I will submit the app today, unfortunately apple review process taks always more then 10 days.

    The name coin will be added in planned for the version 1.2.
    If there are more options you guys want to have, just ask for it :)

    Kind Regards,

  • Thanks for the update. and 10 or a little more days is not that bad to wait compared to other services. so no problem there.

  • The new update is available now :)

  • Like the update, now need to work on one for PPC.. never ending battle eh? Any way to maybe make it where once you set your settings it opens up to the Summary page instead of settings all the time.

  • Yeah, it is looking good, thanks for the update.  Like Drakona said, I would have the app open up to the Summary page.

  • Hi,

    I will change the summary order in the next release.

  • the presentation on an iPad is kind of rough.

    the fonts are large - i cannot see the names of all my workers.

    can you help with that?

  • The current version of the app supports iPhone only! 

    If there more users asking for the iPad version, I will consider doing it. Lets first see the what other guys expect.

    Kind regards,
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    Adding this app as the official IOS app for the pool along side out Android app as these apps are both aligned with each other.

    Check pool info on the front page :)

  • http://give-me-coins.com/litecoin-pool there ya go :) all the other pool info pages will be updated also (doing them 1 by 1).

  • Nice to see that serraz  :)

    Kind regards,
  • Great work Adil!!!

  • sadly BTC and PPC can be removed from the app :(

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