12am -11am 9.6 coins - 11am to 9pm only 2 coins...... wtf is happening

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seriously according to the calc i should be getting around 20 coins a day, today I have managed 12 an the last few days about 16, is this some kind of joke or time to find a new pool?

but only 2 coins in 10 hours is a piss take


  • Have you gotten better results anywhere else?  It's possible your hash-farm is starved for work (iow, your net connection could be the bottle-neck of your setup).

  • basically you are seeing multipool action on the network.


    I have seen the network hashrate jump to 25GHash then fall off to 2.5 GH in the span of an hour.   The Pool's hash rate stays relatively steady.   700 to 800 MH.   


    This pool is in direct competition in finding coins with the other networked pools.  In saying that,  when a pool has 25Gh at there use in scrypt hashing power they tend to "take over".



  • People need to realize, that a calculator will give you a best scenario reward. FTC as been getting hit by massive hashrate comming from multipools. The FTC developers are working in a change to make FTC multipool resistant, and avoid this kind of problems to "loyal" miners. Check here for more info:

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