What's your watts per 1 MH/s averaged across all your rigs? Post here.

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What's your watts per 1 MH/s averaged across all your rigs?

I am at 437 watts per 1  MH/s, I am not sure if my wattage draw is high or low. 

Please post yours.


  • Mine wanders between 425W and 440W per 1 MHash/sec.  yours sounds typical.

  • I'm at 490 W / MH incl 2 tower cases with lots of fans.


  • I'm currently at 500W per 1 MHash/sec. I haven't done any video BIOS mods (yet).

  • Testing rig with two Sapphire 5850 and one XFX 7850 pulling about 1.0 MH/s at 470 watts.

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