4 of my 6 workers are showing offline on the website but hashing as normal when I look at them

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I got an idle worker notification for 4 of my workers and when I go on the website they are not showing, hashrate looks to have been down for a few hours.  But when I remote into my workers they are hashing.  This is on LTC.


  • Apparently I can't count because it was actually 5 out of 7 workers that went down.  Switching them from connecting to stratum.give-me-ltc.com to stratum.give-me-coins.com has made them all reappear in my stats.  However I now wonder if I will get credit for the shares they were submitting durring those couple of hours.  I also see from looking at the FAQ that now it is supposed to be ltc.give-me-coins.com so I am hoping I am not setting myself up for a repeat some day down the road since I switched them to stratum.give-me-coins.com instead of ltc.give-me-coins.com.  For what it is worth, they can connect and submit shares on any of those three (stratum.give-me-ltc.com, stratum.give-me-coins.com, and ltc.give-me-coins.com).

  • I've been having the same thing happen for maybe a week now using cgminer and the stratum protocol.  This may seem far-fetched but I get the feeling that our stratum keep-alive connections are possibly being hijacked or maybe just being terminated.  Next time it happens I'm going to examine the system (netstat current connections, etc) instead of simply restarting cgminer.  For the addresses you listed, the stratum connection (ports 3333,3334 and 3336) should be limited to or, more plainly, within the range to for the pool in Phoenix, Arizona.

    Just thought you'd appreciate knowing that you're not the only miner it's happening to.

  • @incognitomiscquito why are you making up server url's you shoudl be using what is listed on the website.

    @3gghead i think  you are going a little bit overboard there mate. Most likely there are disconnects it happens. Could be a network thing could be a ISp thing could be a route down could be a stratum reboot anything.

  • @serraz Ya, or even a DHCP renew.  The reason I went 'off-book' was due to the sudden onset, frequency and others describing the same issue in the same time-period.  It was offered as a "far-fetched" notion; could just be the weather.

  • im goign through logs to see if somethign in stratum server caused it. ill keep you posted. just strange how not all are affected

  • I am not intending to make up URL's.  I had them on stratum.give-me-ltc.com because that's what it used to be.  When you guys switched to give-me-coins I do recall something saying we should switch it to stratum.give-me-coins.com but not too long after there was a problem and I found that when I switched them back to the old stratum.give-me-ltc.com they worked and I had left them so ever since.  The ltc.give-me-coin.com URL is completely new to me.  I never saw it before I looked at the FAQ again today for the first time in a long time.

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