Less hash More Coin?

edited February 2014 in Hardware support

One of my miners is down due to a issue shutting down while mining. It only mines for a minute then the computer shuts off. I'm guessing its the psu since it only does this when mining and not while gaming or anything else.


But the real issue is my round shares have gone up since that miner is down. I have a total of 6 computers mining (4 pc's that we also use for gaming and such and 2 dedicated miners). and when all are running my total is just over 6MH/s I don't know how I am making more with less hash rate. The computer that is down only mines at 700Kh/s. Anyone have any thoughts on this? Should I switch my dedicated miners to the vip port? is my 50mb internet connection not enough for 6+MH/s




  • We had a couple of really lucky days.  Coin production was way above normal.  Of course they were followed by a couple of poor days. 

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