XFX 7970 Black Edition Non GHZ

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This card is giving me some trouble. Best so far is 550KH/s with 1140 Clock and 1375 Memory (925/1375 Stock) The very second I adjust the Memory speed hash rate drops. Does not matter if I go up or down even 1 MHZ on the memory the hash rate drops. I have flashed the BIOS to with two different XFX GHZ edition Bios and the result is the same.  I even tried flashing to the XFX 280x bios which was a mistake because the card wouldn't even start. Flashed back to the stock BIOS. Anyone experience this? I was thinking of trying another vendors BIOS but after my 280x BIOS crash I am leary to try as it is a pain to swich cards around to fix a crashed BIOS.

Anyway any tips or tricks to make this card work or any experience with BIOS flashing an XFX card to a Gigabyte, Sapphire or ASUS GHZ edition BIOS




  • That 7970 is an odd bird.. my formula for the engine & memclock is: engine = 0.76 * memclock.  The 'odd' setting is "gpu-threads" : "2"; the rest is thread-concurrency=20480, lookup-gap=2 and intensity=18.

    I have 2 of the exact model but only use them for gaming.  It'd be nice to get'em mining again but their fans aren't up to it.  One fan on each card is won't turn and i haven't been able to find replacements.  This is the only card I've used to mine scrypt that requires 2 threads per gpu.

    Anyway, try dropping the engine down to 1040 or bumping the memory to 1500.

  • Thanks I'll give it a try. I started with stock settings then went to the 1040/1500 combo that works so well, but in the end only clock speed gave me any increase.

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