Big trouble with my Rig

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Hi there,taday i have build my new rig (2x r9 280x 4x r9 290) together but i have big trouble.When i connect just one Card with the Raiser Cable with my Gigabyte Board (6x PCI-E Slots) everything works fine.When i connect a second Card with the board,the Monitor shows "no signal".Where is my mistake? I don´t understand,why it´s so...please Help


  • Try moving your monitor connection to the second card.  They don't alwyays enumerate in an order that makes sense, and it might be showing up as GPU 0.

  • I have try to connect the monitor with the second card,but there´s the same,no signal

  • Are your risers powered?

  • no,they are not powered

  • It might be a case where the mobo is having trouble auto-assigning IROs to your bus slots.  Does your BIOS setup allow manual setup?  If so, try and get a 3rd card going using one of the 9 or so unused IRQs.

  • i´ve seen,that i can config the prio output in bios :) But now,when all Cards connected,Windows 7(64bit) crashes after a few minutes with bluescreen.Now i have just the 4 R9 290 pluged in,Windows works fine,but cgminer works very slow (86khash per card) and 100% HW errors.What is wrong now?

  • Post your config.  Quite a few parameters can cause HW errors.

  • 4 graphic cards is the limit in windows.

    3 graphic cards max with unpowered risers, you need a powered riser for your 4th card.

    plus what PSU do yo have ? 4 GC draw a lot of power.

    Get that straight before going further. You can run 3 cards before you receive your powered riser.

    You should have read good tutorials before buying all this hardware.

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