Cgminer shutting down after few minutes of running.

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Hi there, my rig has been running fine with three cards, however after adding in a 4th GPU cgminer shuts down and kills my computer after between 5-20 mins of starting, I'm not getting any hardware errors and I've got a big enough power supply to meet the needs. All my graphics cards are staying below 90C as well.

After it dies I have to unplug and wait a minute before the computer will start up again. 
The cards are:
2x 7970, 7990 and 7950. The new card is a 7970.
Any help with this issue would be much appreciated.


  • 90C is too high!  Config your --temp-target to 80 and set --auto-fan

  • I'm fairly certain it's not a temperature issue, it often cuts out when all the cards are still below 80C. I've tried disabling individual cards and just running with 3 and it's still cutting out. I'm really struggling to figure out what is causing the system to trip out.

  • Try removing one of the old cards and leave 3 in the system, and I don't just mean disable it in cgminer, take it out of the system.  So leave the new 7970 and 2 others and see if it still happens.

    Also are you using pcie risers?
  • Yes, i've got all the cards out of the case on riser cables. I've got the 2x7970's and the 7990 working fine with the 7950 out. But obviously I'd like use them all together. Does anyone know what causes the system to cut out?

  • Sounds like a PSU issue under excessive load.  You say it's big enough, but which are you running?

  • I'm using a 1350W Enermax Platimax. I have a second 1000W PSU that can be used if that was the issue but can I use both together though. If so how?

  • Those supplies with a handful of +12V rails are difficult because you need to disperse the load amongst the rails.  To my knowledge that 7990 can consume up to 40A or more on the +12V rail.  None of your +12V rails supply more than 30A.

    If possible you will want to use a +12V@20A and a +12V@30A rail to power that card (one for each 8-pin on the card).  The 7970's should consume the two other +12V@30A rails.  And the 7950 can consume one of the two remaining +12V@20A rails.

    If you'd like to run the additional power supply just take a paper clip or piece of equal-gauge wire, strip the ends and twist them so they're not frayed.  At the end of the motherboard connector stick the wire in to plug the green and any black wire.  Plug in the PSU and flip the switch.  Should light up no problem.

  • Brilliant advice! Got it working now with all 4 cards, 2 running from each power supply to best spread the load. 

  • Awesome, great stuff.  You really should be able to run it all from the 1350w.  Did you try using the single PSU with the suggestions above?

  • I haven't got enough slots in either supply to give the 7990 2 separate rails and still use the other 3.  

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