The much awaited 2FA

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hey all,

We have finished our 2 factor authentication implementation and it is now ready to use. To set it up simple go to or Settings->Security this will replaace the pin on accounts.

I will write up a simple tutorial on how to set it up for those who have never heard or seen it before.

Enjoy :)


  • Thanks for this added security. Your work is much appreciated. I set it up using Duo Mobile on my smart phone. However, I am wondering how I will have access if my phone is lost. Is there a backup method for getting authenticated?
    Thanks again!

  • Yes, thank you getting 2FA setup.  I set it up on IOS with Authy, works like a charm.  Good work and thanks again.

  • Loads of thanks! Much awaited change! Cheers :)

  • I don't want or have any of the devices currently listed.  Can a Blizzard Authenticator be used?

  • This is great, but what happens if I loose my device? Are there any recovery keys?

  • Yes please .. tell us what happens if we lost the authenticator ?

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    We have the ability to clear out 2Fa from accoutns if needed

  • Please assist me with removing my 2FA. My phone was lost. I'n not getting any replies from the support.

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