Lucky Block Erupter

edited February 2014 in Bitcoin

So I'm not on here to really discus a problem, I'd just like to say that I am the most unlucky lucky person there is. I just found a BTC block with a single 333MH/S Block Erupter and my total award from the pool was .0005 BTC. If only I solo mined...


  • haha wow... sounds lucky to me... some people run good in mining but Im guessing if you start to solo mine with her now she wont put out :-)

  • Yeah I highly doubt it, I ran the calculators and the estimated time for finding a block is over 1072 years!

  • If you were solo-mining (without the pool) then you would not have found that block because you were solving the pool's wallet, signature and nonce range.  In a pool there are many individual miners solving different nonce ranges simultaneously whereas you would have to walk through them individually.  Sure it can be fun to gamble on and hit a block, but if you are more interested in consistent payouts, then pool mining is the way to go.

  • Oh, and good job on hitting a block!  It's the little fish hitting blocks that keeps the big fish in a pool.

  • I understand the concept of consistent payout, but i will never EVER get 25 coins from the Block Erupter.

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