New motherboard recommendations - please chime in with your setup

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Hello Miners

I am looking for recommendations for a new mining motherboard holding 4 GPU’s. I originally bought a Gigabyte GA-Z77X-UD3H because of its twin bios and aux Molex connector on the PCI-E lanes. However the bios is buggy, the twin CMOS chips freeze between reboots requiring hard resets, and the card recognition is poor.

What motherboards are you running and would you recommend them? How stable have they been for you? I'm in need of a STABLE board preferably with Molex connector. Please give the model number so I can find it up on amazon.

Thank you

I currently have:

  • Intel G1620  Ivy Bridge CPU
  • 4GB Ram - 2x2 Dual channel
  • 2 - Thermaltake SP-750P 750W PSUs
  • 2 - Gigabyte 280x
  • 1 - Gigabyte 270x
  • 1 - MSI 270 Gaming

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