HD 6870 and r9 280x working together

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Hi there

I have a HD 6870 configuration available and I also got 750W PSU and a PCI-E 16x free slot .. so I was thinking should I go and fill this free slot with r9 280x .. The things that bothers me are theese

If I use single cgminer configuration I would be using same worker for both cards - 300khs and 750 khs .. I guess that would be bad .. Can I use two cgminer scripts running at the same time on single PC ..

Can you tell me what the best practise is

Thanks in advance



  • Hi,

    if you use 1 instance, both cards use the same worker name
    if you want 2 instance, you have to use some options:  '--remove-disabled' and '--device'
    on first instance: cgminer --remove-disabled --device 0 (addyour other options)
    on second :
    cgminer --remove-disabled --device 1 (add your other options)
    If you use config files, make two difernt files and use 'remove-disabled : true,' and 'device : 0,' (or 1).

    I've never get something stable using two instances. I'm now working by computers, not by cards. In your case, you will have 1050KH/s using only one instance.

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