Worker passwords truncated to 12 characters?

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Some update to the site over the last few hours means

1) I can't rename workers
2) Password field is limited to 12 characters
3) Clicking the update buttons truncated my 20 character passwords to 12 without warning.

Why the decrease in password length?


  • I can confirm that I am also suffering the same issue.  Last night I created yet another worker which worked fine having a random password of 16 characters and now if you click the update button or create a new worker its automatically changes to 12 characters.

    I would love to hear the reason for the reduction on max password length change as I thought you were trying to increases the security on the whole site not make it all weaker, which is what you have in essence have done.

  • As far as im aware no changes have ben made to any of that they are only in the payments and how the site stores addresses.

    Also note: is someone gets your worker informtion all they can really do is mine for you its seprate from  your username and password to access your account.

  • Thanks for the speedy reply and very odd indeed.

  • Ill check it out soon. by soon i mean after the payment things so might be a few days.

  • No problem and thank you. 

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