Manual and Auto Payments

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I hate making a thread about this but I think a lot of people are having this issue. 

I understand that due to the recent fiasco things may not be put back into place.

Are manual and automatic payouts disabled right now? If so, when will they be back?

Paging serraz. 


  • As im sure you are all aware Auto and Manual payouts are disabled currently. This is so we can analyse the current attack and patch it. We hope to enable autopayouts and manual payouts tomorrow.

  • Thank you for your great support. Please publish an article regarding the causes of the attack and the ways to prevent it to raise awareness after you guys are done.

  • This may or may not help, but this attack sounds a lot like the attack on the multipool "hashcows" ( just before Christmas. Maybe their owners can help you solve this attack. Look up "aTriz" or "nearmiss" on their forums.

  • Everyone should make sure to go back into the Settings and put your true LTC wallet address in again.
    Seems that after all our accounts were drained, our LTC wallet addresses were deleted.

    Update your accounts and happy hashing! <):)

  • +1 @TheEdge ontop of this dont forget to set you automatic payout. We should have withdrawals activated in a few hours.

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    OK all. We are going to enable manual and auto payouts in a few hours as we are going to rewrite the forms first. We will also clear out payment addresses and thresholds on accounts just to be sure so these will need to be set again.

    I will post on pool news now.

  • Pool Payouts (23/01/2014)
    We will be enabling both manual and auto payouts in a few hours once we finish rewriting the forms.
    We will be clearing payout addresses and autopay thresholds from accounts just to be safe. These will need to be set again.
    We will also be posting details about the attack once we have gathered all the relivent information.
  • any eta on auto payments resuming?

  • Last phase of tests for the new code once they pass then we will bring it into the live enviornment starting with LTC.

  • When will enables FTC payment?

  • I guess I was wrong to think "Last phase of tests for the new code" meant "an hour or two".  Perhaps you could give us an update on how your work is progressing and if payouts might be enabled today?

  • Well I think it is about time this would work now, feel a bit screwed. Maybe time to stop mining and wait and see what is on the way.....


  • So.. How much longer here? I would really like to start trading again and you are starting to get in the way of that.

  • I see lots of people crying about loosing LTCs. I hate to say it, but this is entirely their fault. The pool is not a wallet, set up auto-pay with the lowest amount possible. Hats off to the pool admins who decided to reimburse everyone who lost LTCs.

  • Agreed with @Vest. ; I've seen dozens of people posting that they've lost 25+ LTC.  How are people not cashing out at 0.1 or 1.0 or something reasonable?

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    @Vess, I hate to say it but my auto payout was set to 1ltc, I'm not crying what I lost, but I already mined 3ltc and want to sell it... the people asks when they able to continue trading... This is good question. I totally agreed with you: hats off for admins, they done great job, no one lost money, this is damn good job! But people want to know when they will be able to cash out... I think all of us deserve to know what to do, stop mining and switch to another pool, or continue and support this pool. But we wanna know status... Maybe I'm wrong.

    Again. Thank you admins for great job.

  • Before I started mining for this pool, I was with nushor's pool which got hacked and I lost 0.5LTC Not much, but that's about all I get for a day worth of mining so I was pretty pissed, but I learned my lesson. The admins of that pool did not reimburse anyone for the loss and are now requiring people who lost money to mine in the pool for the promise that once the pool has enough money, they will be reimbursed. Fat chance.

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    It is time to abandon this pool? 
    are 4 times today that I enter the URL for the automatic payment 
    but soon after rechecking, the address has disappeared again!

    X( X(

  • why the address has disappeared again?admin

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    I think people are working hard to fix the problem. And in I.T. it allways takes more time to fix the problem then you think in advance. Better they fix the problem right and perhaps and take more time. Then rush it, and do not fix the problem. 

  • im not sure if you just choose not to read the news or what but payout being disabled also is why addresses are cleared. Im getting very fustrated ive been posting updated but yet am being spammed with abusive commments and tickets about questions i have answered in the news ection of the site.

    You have to realise we are doing 100 things at once like recrediting accounts manually still changing code so we can enable payouts as well as deal with support. Things have taken so long because we have had to spend most time on support rather then fixing the actual problem.

  • basically what @obelix said

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