FTC not paying out

edited January 2014 in General

My FTC account has not paid out since yesterday, is that part of the same issue?


  • Same here yes I would guess it is.

  • Same here, i have a feeling it's all connected. just hope its all fixed before the big FTC rise. see it coming in a few days.

  • I'll switch pools until it gets fixed.

  • do you mean cashout from the pool? If so of course it wont work seing as payouts are disabled.

  • Not cashing out, just Mining another till it gets fixed... Gmc is my primary pool, I also have a failsafe setup...

  • As im sure you are all aware Auto and Manual payouts are disabled currently. This is so we can analyse the current attack and patch it. We hope to enable autopayouts and manual payouts tomorrow.

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