Good Cheap Motherboards?

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I've got an 850W PSU, a SOCKET AM2 cpu, an MSI 7970 and I'm looking to get a second one, which motherboard should I get? I I need one that is compatable with my socket am2 chip. 

Preferably under $100 and with a few PCI-e spots for two 7970 twin frozr III's to fit.

Any Ideas?

Thanks, your time is appreciated.


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    You'll likely want to read this article, find one that fits your needs, then scour eBay/Craigslist/etc for deals.

  • That article was a great place to start, Thanks!

    I never really did understand what there was to making a good motherboard, I was always just under the impression that it just connects everything and so far it kind of seems like I had the right idea to some point. it's looking like it's mainly looking at what number of different components(ports, slots, etc...) it has built into it and after that you can just trust that they will all work because that's just a motherboards job... to connect everything.

    Motherboards basically just connect everything and have different types and amounts of components(ports/slots/etc...) to them, yea?
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