Very Bad Joke

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My idiot friend made a *** joke to me.He logined to my acc and set %100 donate to pool.I m working for 1 day and i don't have anything now.
If admin, mods are reading that, Can they help me?

With my respect


  • That kinda sucks. What was your hash rate coin loss? just curious

  • Not much just 600 but my 1day done

  • Why would you give someone your password and pin #?

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    He was my home friend and we r using same computer.I saved my pin and pass to login easily.

  • yeah, 1 day 100% donate is the end of the world!!! camon, don't make a huge thing on it!

  • never give your password to anyone, even friends..
    If your share a computer, use different users.

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