Power Rates Spiked in 2014 - What's Your Power Rate?

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Just curious what YOU pay for power?

In San Diego, California power rates hiked up at the start of this year by 25%.

If you are a normal residential customer over 200% of baseline (any rig 1200 watts or more running 24 hours a day) is .28 per kilowatt hour.

If you are low income qualified that rate drops to: $0.16 per kilowatt hour.

I calculated that a normal customer will be unprofitable if BTC is $375 or less. This is  looking at mining as a business where that you pay your expenses when billed in USD. If you are just transfering your USD to BTC through mining then this conversation is probably irrelevant to you. Likewise if you are gambling and not exchanging your mined coin, using your personal cash to pay your business expenses then this is probably not relevant to you either. And of course you IT guys making $150K a year and stealing the power from your employers, you don't count either!  Students in dorms.. I guess the tax payers are subsidizing you.

So for those of us who do foot the power bill what are your rates?


  • Little Rock , AR here with entergy Arkansas. My Eletric rate goes from $.095 winter to $.102  summer for now.

    easy to profit around here.

    Thank your Local politicans for your prices

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    Baltimore Gas & Electric residential rates are $0.097 per kW-hr

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    Edward, are your rates flat? Out here they do four tiers of pricing. http://www.sdge.com/tiered-rates

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