4 gpu set up not working

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Hey guys

Need a little help. I just got two more video cards and am trying to set up a 4 gpu system. Running 4 xfx 7970 two on 1x powered risers and 2 on x16 non powered risers. When I start my computer, my monitor won't even grab a signal to turn on. When I disconnect 3 gpus my monitor works fine. I installed the latest drivers as I thought it was the issue but it didn't fix it.

I am running 2 800w power supplies so I don't think that's the issue. I don't have the cards crossfired.

If anyone has ran into this problem, please help.




  • It would help if I turned the second pay on. Hahaha. It's working!!

  • *power supply

  • The most recent drivers will crossfire/link your cards through the pcie bus.  13.12 or higher or current beta have this 'feature'.  doesn't exactly explain why your monitor isn't detected though.  I'd test all the components individually, including the risers.  if no issues there, it may be a grounding issue with the second PSU.

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