How to Config Cudaminer, i have config and works but still not happened in dashboard

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i config my .bat file with 
cudaminer.exe -o stratum+tcp:// -O user.worker:pass
it's works .. with "yay!!" words but nothing happened in my dashboard ..not hashrate please help me 


  • Give the dashboard 15-30 minutes before you see any updates.  If you still see nothing you may want to create a ticket.

  • what the function a ticket ?? 

    :) i'm so noob dude
  • On your Dashboard, at the top, click on Support > Open a Ticket

    You may want to read the FAQ and Getting Started pages as well... then you won't be so noob. 8-)
  • oohh right ..

    thanks dude.. 

    hope admin give solution :D
    i have tired to trying
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