My roommate wants me to pay him $100 for internet usage!!!

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My roommate says that my mining activity is using up the internet and causing us to go over our plan (I think it's around 250Gigs). I don't understand enough about mining to know if this is true or not, however I suspect that this is not the case and i'm wanting to call bullshit.

I'm using an MSI 7970 and cgminer if that makes a difference.

Does anyone know if, or how much, mining for Lite(or any)coins uses the internet?  



  • i can grantee you it is not the cause. Stratum mining uses barley any bandwidth at all you would be lucky to use 20 MB a day with a powerful rig.

    You can install programs on your rig to monitor the downloads and uploads per day and prove your room mate wrong.
  • Thank you, that's what I thought, and pretty much knew from just knowing what I do know about mining. as well as that being confirmed in another forum.

    Any such programs that you would recommend? 
    I haven't been exposed to any yet and i'm always looking for new handy programs like that.
  • Here's a simple one I've used before. Plenty of others out there. Just do a search and read reviews to make sure it safe before downloading. Don't check "loopback" in the adapter list, This is traffic that does not leave your machine. I.E. doesn't go to the internet.

    ShaPlus Bandwidth Meter:;3

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    Thanks, I got it. I like the simplicity of this, it does just what I needed. Good recommendation, but cnet downloads always look sketchy to me so I got it from their website. This should show him... like literally, i'm going to show him and he won't be able to say anything, hah.

    Thx for ur halp!
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