Mining Feathercoin using windows azure

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Hello miners,

Following this guide, I have managed to set up an 8 core virtual machine with ubuntu 13.10 

I set it to work mining feathers following these steps:

Log onto the machine using putty.
Download and install minerd

sudo -s
aptitude install make gcc m4 automake libevent-dev zlibc zlib1g-dev libjansson-dev libcurl4-openssl-dev git

git clone git://

cd cpuminer/

./configure CFLAGS="-O3"



Then start minerd using the following command:

./minerd -a scrypt -o stratum+tcp:// -t 8 -u Sebastiaan.5 -p b

The hashrate is now 29.62 khas/sec/thread (8 threads) which is somewhat disappointing since the quark miners report up to 750 khas/sec for a same sized virtual machine.

Naturally I want o make the most out of my $200 freebie at windows azure so I will stop my virtual machine for now and try mining some quark instead. Who has an idea on how to improve the hash rate though? Is there a mistake in my setup. Should I use a EU based VM maybe? Or is feathercoin just to difficult for this type of operation? All input and ideas are appreciated! 



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