Intel Ivy HD for Desktop + 7950 for mining

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I am relatively new to mining. When running at high intensity Windows is unresponsive. So it got me thinking. What if I connect my monitor to motherboard (Intel HD Graphics) and use 7950 for mining. Will Windows become responsive like nothing is happening while 7950 is mining at max setting?

If so, are there any tricks to how I configure cgminer and/or anything else? 


  • Did that (Intel for Desktop, 7950 for mining) and I can mine at highest intensity with smooth Windows Desktop experience but there are some problems:

    CCC doesn't display any tab like "Performance." GPUZ detect Radeon but doesn't show anything in Sensors. So I cannot monitor or change clocks and powertune.

    cgminer doesn't show GPU0 Temp and fan RPM.

    Another problem is lower hashrate but it's still OK. Previously 615, now 550.

    Does anyone have any idea or suggestion? Just point me in right direction...
  • Thats what I did on my rig running a 3770k and two 7950's. Its been mostly stable, but not 100%. I had OC the cards but the computer kept overheating. I figure I'm just going to get a cheap mobo, ram and cpu to run the cards in an open air setup here in the near future. 

  • How did you get CCC to detect your cards? Or any program for that matter? 

    cgminer says it doesn't recognize "--gpu-engine 1100", "--powertune 20",... 

    Is there some setting in the BIOS? How did you get this working?
  • If I uninstall AMD drivers, restert, and then start GPUZ I see that GPUZ detects all sensors. GPU Clock, Memory, Fan...

    As soon as I install AMD drivers for Radeon (tried with different versions), no program is able to read from sensors. 

    cgminer's parameters "--gpu-engine 1100", "gpu-powertune 20", doesn't do a thing. 

    I really don't know what to try anymore...
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