Dual ASUS R9 280X DCUII TOP with 650W PSU

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I am going to be mining with two ASUS R9 280X DCUII TOP graphics cards. I already have a 650W Superflower Golden Green PSU (80+ gold rating). Clearly I'll be cutting things fine to run this setup, but do you think it's possible? What risks am I taking -- in terms of damage to the graphics cards, overheating PSU etc.

The rig will otherwise consist of:
AMD Sempron 145
ASRock Extreme 4 motherboard
4GB DDR 3 1600Mhz RAM

I'll disable onboard audio, SATA (and USB too if I can set up a network boot to run entirely in the RAM). So... is this do-able or should I just accept that I'm going to have to buy a new PSU?


  • That card pulls approximately 250W at full load.  This is about 21A.  So, each card will need 21A (42A total) on the +12V rail.  Your motherboard, low-power sempron, and additional drives will draw around 10A.

    So, it's not necessarily about the Wattage your PSU is pumping out; it is all about the Amperage on your +12Volt rails.  If you have multiple rails, add up the +12V ratings.  If your sum is over 50A, you're good-to-go.
  • I run crossfire MSI R9 280X's with a Seasonic 650W PSU, which is a high quality unit, kind of like your own. They run perfectly fine at high intensity. Based on my experience most people on tech forums have no clue what they are talking about when it comes to PSU's, high quality units can go well over their rated wattage, my particular unit is rated at 650 watts but can actually output more than 850 watts before it fails. Of course efficiency will fall at that wattage but it shouldn't be much worse.

  • Thanks for the advice! The PSU claims to have 54A on the 12V rail so I think I'm safe to go ahead. Super Flower may not be Seasonic, but they appear to make quality PSUs.

  • Awesome, you're welcome.  Your PSU won't be the most efficient at 90%+ load 24/7, but it sounds like you're not too worried about power consumption.  If you're concerned or want to monitor what you're using from the wall outlet purchase a Kill-A-Watt or something similar.

  • I know efficiency won't be the best, but it shouldn't be so bad that I actually lose money and further down the line I may be able to afford a better PSU. In the mean time I already have a power meter attached to the wall socket so I can keep an eye on things.

    Thanks again :)
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