ATI saphire 290 help needed !

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Hey all, if some one can help me i would be very happy :)

Yesterday while i was waiting for the extenders i got x2 on each motherboard. I got them running at 915khs and the total consumption for the PC was 705-710 watt. I keep the window open ( its about 0 to 1 Celsius right now ) and they stay on 72(74 during the day when its hotter ) with fan on 75%.  I did not undervolt yet but will try to do that tomorrow. So my first question , what is the best tool to do that ? I was planing on using Trixx, if this is okay, what Voltage will you suggest ?  
Okay so my second problem is that windows 7 did not recognize the 4-th card. I have all of them connected, all runs well but i see only 3 cards, 4-th is missing. What could the problem be ? Any ideas on fixing that ?

915khs i think is great, they also are on a great temperature so i think if i manage to cut the power consumption with about 50 watt, everything will be just great. Btw what would be the optimal setting for this card in regards of khs/watt. 

Appreciate any help !

Cheers all !


  • didi8bg,

    You may have to update your ati drivers if you haven't already.  Try putting only one card in the motherboard at a time and running it to make sure they're all good.  Put one in additionally at a time and see if they work.  Make sure all aux power cables are connected to each card.  Make sure your command line, batch file, conf file is properly set up for 4 cards if 4 cards are in the system.  As a long shot, you could have a bad slot or bad extender if you're using those yet.  I think cgminer itself can undervolt, but I haven't tried it.



  • I think that windows dosnt support more then a 3 cards. Maybe you should try one of those linux distros such as

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